Location Münster

The Association of International Enterprises Münster and Surroundings wants to promote Münster as an international city.

These are important partners and organizations in Münster that co-operate with international enterprises:

  • Economic Promotion Münster GmbH
  • Chamber of Crafts Münster
  • Chamber of Industry and Commerce North Westphalia
  • Federation of Labour Unions Münsterland
  • Coordination Spot for Migration and Intercultural Affairs
  • Women & Work in Womens´Panel
  • Jobcenter Münster

Economic Promotion Münster GmbH

The Economic Promotion (Wirtschaftsförderung) Münster GmbH supports local enterprises and business start-ups. Experienced advisors support business start-ups having questions concerning their business plan. They inform for instance about further possibilities for loans or about further support.

Chamber of Crafts Münster

Crafts enterprises in the region of Münsterland are internationally oriented. Fifth part of all regional enterprises have business relations to foreign countries. The Chamber of Crafts (Handwerkskammer) Münster is representing the interests of craftsmen. The Chamber offers extensive services on information, advice and qualification.

Chamber of Industry and Commerce North Westphalia

The Chamber of Industry and Commerce North Westphalia (Industrie- und Handelskammer (IHK) Nord Westfalen) represents the interests of 135.000 industrial and commercial enterprises. Businesspeople and enterprises in the region of Münsterland are members of the IHK Nord Westfalen. They are enlisted in the commercial register.

Here you find a survey of the Chamber concerning foreign enterprises:

Federation of Labour Unions Münsterland

The Federation of Labour Unions (DGB) represents the interests of employees in all branches of economy. The DGB represents employees vis-a-vis employers, politicians and associations. It gets involved for the equal treatment of employees with migrational background.

Coordination spot for Migration and Intercultural Affairs

The Coordination spot for migration and intercultural affairs (Koordinierungsstelle für Migration und Interkulturelle Angelegenheiten) is set up to realize the migrational guidelines of the city of Münster. It supports advisory services, co-operation and networking. The coordination spot represents the interests and needs of citizens with migrational background. It emphasizes the importance of cultural diversity. The functions of the coordination spot are:

  • Crosslinking to the counsil of integration and other municipal bodies that contribute to the realization of the guidelines on migration
  • Development of comprehensive projects and cooperative accompaniment of subject-specific projects
  • Coverage to municipal council boards and the integration council/former foreigners council
  • Public Relations/Information
  • Controlling of the realization of the guidelines on migration
  • Contribution to the migration-oriented development of the statistic data bases, monitoring and efficiency control
  • Co-operation with associations and organizations of self-help
  • Constitution of a Network

Women & Work in Womens´ Panel

The Womens´ panel (FrauenForum e. V.) and Women & work (Frauen & Beruf) are two organizations for women that for instance want to start their own business. There you can find some projects, events and advisory services.

Jobcenter Münster

The Jobcenter Münster helps people seeking work on their way to their own business. It offers workshops for business start-ups. Here they find basic information about setting up their own business, its possibilities and hassles.