About us

The „Verband Internationaler Unternehmen Münster und Umgebung e. V.“ - shortly VIU Münster – "Association of International Enterprises in Münster and Surroundings (registered association)" - has aroused from the promoted project „Vernetzung migrantischer Unternehmen in Münster – Erfahrung und Erfolg für den Standort sichern“ ("Linkage of migrational enterprises in Münster - assuring experience and success for the location") by KOMM-IN-NRW.

This project has been brought on its way by the city of Münster, Coordination spot for migration and intercultural affairs, with support of a controling group including the chairman of the counsil for integration, the economic promotion Münster, the Chamber of Crafts Münster, the German Federation of Labour Unions and Women & Job in the Womens´Panel in Münster. The controling group has been active as a consultant group for the realization of the project.

With the establishment of this association the aim of linking the international entrepreneurs has been reached. For this, there has been a backup of different co-operation partners for many years. Co-operation partners are working together in projects and beyond them. Spyros Marinos, chairman of the Counsil for Integration (former foreigners´ counsil) in Münster, has engaged since a long duration for this idea. The Counsil of Integration/foreigners´ counsil represents the interests of people with foreign origin. Spyros Marinos  emphasized the necessity of the co-operation with german corporations and associations. Jochen Köhnke, head of department for migration and intercultural affairs, gave important support for this idea.

The advocates Tomás Salamanca and Stanislav Penchev supported the association at the preparation of its establishment. They constructed the statutes of the association that include the objectives of the association, they also have attended the establishment.

Linked enterprises are more successful

A continuous get-together for entrepreneurs has launched the first exchange between international business people in Münster in the year 2011. This was to be strengthened by the establishment of an association. The get-together was frequented by entrepreneurs with migration background from different branches and nationalities.

The meeting of like-minded people allowed a supporting surrounding for the daily routine. Here the entrepreneurs could discuss business ideas, could gain valuable opinions and future co-operation partners and could be acquainted with different services. Besides that, access to the regional and municipal economy associations was established. On the other hand these organizations could get to know the needs of international entrepreneurs.

This successful networking will be carried forward by the association work.