The Association of International Enterprises Münster and Surroundings (registered association) pursues the following objectives:

  • The Association wants to support entrepreneurs with international background.
  • Enterprises from Münster and surrounding communities are to be strengthened and linked.
  • The Association wants to support co-operation and exchange of experiences.
  • These experiences can be experiences made with other economical organisations, other international associations for enterprises and networks.
  • These include the chamber of commerce and industries, the chamber of crafts, organizations of economic promotion and other facilities that get involved with education and science.
  • Conclusion: Münster as a location of economic action will be strengthened and relations to other regions and countries will be established.
  • For this aim the Association of International Enterprises can support appropriate projects.
  • The Association represents the interests of its members concerning facilities, politicians and the public, for instance the media as newspapers.
  • The Association of International Enterprises will support the vocational training and work of young people. It addresses especially young people that have been raised in different cultures. They have special acknowledgements, for instance they are raised multilingually.
  • The Association helps and advises persons that take the decision to build up their own business.
  • The Association can offer special help if these business start-ups come from foreign countries, for instance they have immigrated to Germany.