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International economy in Muenster

The documentation „Migrantische Ökonomie in Münster – vom Nischenthema zum Standortfaktor" ("Immigrant economy in Münster - from a marginal topic to a matter of economical location") sums up the results of the project that deals with the economy of people with a migrational background. It can be downloaded here as a document on the personal computer. This project has been supported by the program "KOMM-IN NRW" of the country of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The survey deals with the concerns of the migrational economy. Often this topic is set in relation with specific problems raising up a new business. Usually the problems of enterprises that have to handle with authorities are getting in focus. For this reason the possibilities of entrepreneurs, whos families have immigrated or who have immigrated themselves, take a back seat. 


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For female entrepreneurs

Designer, language teacher or lawyer – the business of female entrepreneurs with an international background are multifaceted as well. For femal entrepreneurs it is highly important to arrange their professional and family life. Working in her own business is a great benefit for working mums. They can handle their working times and places in a more flexible way. That´s the reason why women often decide to build up their own business.

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For business start-ups

Setting up your own business it is important to prepare for that and to draw on advisory services. The Association of International Enterprises supports you with information, exchange of experiences and recommendations. Many facilities in Münster offer special support for business start-ups.

Here you find some links to information and advisory servides. If you want to follow thes, please click on them or copy the internet addresses into your browser:

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